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World Class

I am the first to attend University in my immediate family and I feel extremely proud and privileged that I was able to further my education

Stephanie Manning Bachelor of Education (Primary)
UTAS has been ranked in the top 2% worldwide. (ARWU 2015)
was allocated to student scholarships in 2014

An artistic life

A passion for creativity and a Fine Arts degree have given Rebecca Birrell the tools to live out her dream career.

We have students from 147 countries

Exploring the world of Tasmania's plants

Laura Van Galen had her research published before she even reached Honours level.

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World Class

Professor Large and his team have recently made a discovery that may hold the key to evolution.

Professor Ross Large Distinguished Professor, Professor of Economic Geology
We have produced 110 Rhodes Scholars
We are one of Australia's top 10 research universities

Physics star off to NASA

This graduate has a stellar job lined up.

More than 900 students benefit from scholarships while they study with us

World leading facilities at AMC

Whether it's the cavitation tunnel, the tow tank, or even the newly created facilities for underwater vehicles, the Australian Maritime College is world leading. Undergraduate students are given valuable exposure to these excellent resources, giving an educational experience like no other.

Research Themes

Environment, Resource & Sustainability

Tasmania is an island laboratory of global significance, home to contrasting ecosystems that share a common evolutionary history and an outstanding natural heritage.

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Research Themes

Data, Knowledge and Decisions

Researchers at the University of Tasmania are collecting and analysing huge data sets to build new models to improve community, environmental and economic outcomes, providing a better foundation for policy and business practice. These new approaches are significant not only for Tasmania, but across international jurisdictions.

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Research Themes

Marine, Antarctic and Maritime

Sitting at the edge of the vast Southern Ocean, Tasmania is the ideal laboratory in which to advance understanding of temperate marine, Southern Ocean, and Antarctic environments.

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Research Themes

Better Health

Researchers at the University of Tasmania are taking a new approach to health, which is predictive, preventative and participatory. We aspire to meet the healthcare needs of an ageing population with multiple chronic conditions, reduce the growing burden of preventable chronic disease, deliver convenient and affordable health services and improve consumer engagement in health care.

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Research Themes

Creativity, Culture and Society

University of Tasmania researchers are at the forefront of developing and refining creative ideas to improve social policy and community wellbeing. In identifying solutions to today's complex challenges, we recognise the importance of resilience.

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World Class

The pristine environment is really beautiful. I climb, I hike, I cycle and just love immersing myself in the wilderness.

Rachel Chong Masters of Business Administration student
Over 100 public lectures, forums and events being staged by the University in 2016

World class experience and study in Tasmania

Tasmania’s enviable lifestyle is being celebrated across the globe. There is no better place to play and learn. And it's all right here on the doorstep at UTAS. Take a peek at what’s on offer…

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