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The world is changing rapidly. Some industries and jobs are disappearing but many new ones are emerging. The University of Tasmania recognises that for our graduates to have the skills, experience and knowledge to thrive we must adapt and change our courses and the way they are taught.

That’s why we’re creating a new state of mind.

Our new curriculum model aims to help you unlock your potential by offering you more flexibility, greater choice and more real-world learning in every course.

From our innovative two-year associate degrees, updated three year bachelor degrees and combined degrees, to our four-year integrated honours programs, our new curriculum provides choice and flexibility for every student. Whichever course you choose, you’ll graduate with the best chance of success in your future career.

Our new two-year Associate Degrees offered by our University College are vocationally focused courses that provide you with a valuable qualification and the opportunity to progress into further study.

Our re-shaped three-year bachelor programs enable you to tailor your course choices to fit your own needs. You can broaden your learning across other areas of interest, dive deeper to develop your area of expertise, gain a global perspective through study abroad and get recognition for volunteering. Your bachelor degree will equip you with a broad range of valuable life and work skills that will set you up for the workplace of the future.

Our new four-year integrated honours programs incorporate a final honours year, with a choice of research, professional, clinical or applied honours depending on your course. Integrated honours enables you to personalise your own educational experience and to develop the skills for your chosen path.

Our new applied honours program gives all of our students who successfully complete their bachelor degree the opportunity to further hone their skills through industry and community projects locally, nationally or internationally.

We’re embedding real world learning in all our undergraduate degrees to give you practical experiences in a range of ways including learning direct from industry experts, problem solving industry case studies, mentoring, simulations, work placements and internships.

Our new curriculum takes full advantage of our unique position as the only university in Tasmania. We will offer you a range of real-world experiences, connections with wider society, and a chance to build relationships with potential future employers.

We’ll always be on hand to provide support as you make important decisions about your studies. And we’ll continue to deliver the quality courses, excellent teaching and personalised support our students have come to expect.

We invite you to be part of our community. Join us in creating A New State of Mind.

Find out more about how our updated curriculum equips students with the skills, experience and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing world.