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Study Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

This unmanned sub is used to explore the deep ocean.

And it's also available for your next maritime project.

At the University of Tasmania, opportunities like this are at your fingertips. Open yourself to a new state of mind.

Listening to radio galaxies far, far away…

Dr Lucia McCallum, geodesist and Lecturer in Astrophysics, works on the AuScope VLBI Project. Her job is to provide the most accurate coordinate system of the earth using radio telescopes.

How can we get faster growing lobsters?

Lobsters are a hugely popular food. But animals from the same brood stock grow at different rates, which can make aquaculture difficult. Audrey is investigating which animals grow faster, and why.

Diving into underwater research

The development of this high-tech AUV at the Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, will assist with exciting Antarctic research missions, and could have multiple applications in industry too.