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Call for Nominations

Casual Vacancy for one male Academic Staff member Academic Senate 

The Ordinance of Academic Senate provides for 12 elected academic staff members of Academic Senate, of whom –

  • 6 are female and 6 are male

One casual vacancy exists for an elected male Academic Staff member.  The term of office is for the remainder of the term of office for the former male Academic Staff member of Academic Senate, until 31 December 2017.

The current 5 elected male Academic Staff members will continue to hold office until their terms expire. These members are:  Dr Jamie Chapman, Assoc Prof Ashley Townsend (terms expiring 31.12.17), Dr John Kenny, Dr Trevor Lewis, Prof Greg Rickard (terms expiring 31.12.18).

Nominations are hereby called for an additionalone (1) elected male Academic Staff member.

All male Academic Staff members are eligible to stand for nomination with the exception of an Associate Dean, a Head of School, a Director of a National Centre (AMC) or Head of an Institute. The electorate comprises all full-time and fractional-time members of the academic staff.

A nomination form is available here. The nominee should indicate consent in writing on the nomination form.  The proposer and seconder must also sign the form. Photocopies of the form are also acceptable.  

If necessary an electronic ballot will be conducted following the close of nominations. To facilitate timely ballots, nominees must supply the following information to the Returning Officer at the time of submitting their nomination, or as soon as practicable thereafter:

  • Name
  • School/Section
  • Position (Eg. Senior Lecturer)
  • Qualifications
  • Particulars of Service to University/governance experience (e.g. Committee experience etc.)
  • Biographical Details (Max 75 words – more than 75 Words will not be accepted)

Nominations should be received by Sonia Nelson, Returning Officer, Private Bag 51, Hobart by 5.00pm on Friday 17 March 2017.

Sonia Nelson

Returning Officer, Academic Senate

24 February 2017