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BJ Shirrefs Prize for Therapeutics (Rule 14)


The family of the late Mr Brian Shirrefs has donated a sum to endow a commemorative prize in Pharmacy. The prize was administered by the Pharmacy Board of Tasmania from 1968 to 1981 when with the approval of the trustees the capital fund was paid to the University Council which has agreed to the foundation of a prize in the terms declared in these Rules.

  1. The sum, together with any interest from time to time, forms the endowment of a prize to be called the BJ Shirrefs Prize for Therapeutics.
  2. The prize shall be awarded annually to the student obtaining the best results in Therapeutics.
  3. The prize may be withheld in any year if in the opinion of the examiners, no candidate is deserving of it.
  4. The annual value of the prize is $600, or any other value determined by Council from time to time, having regard to the income from the endowment.