Membership of Academic Senate


  • Acting Vice-Chancellor: Prof Mike Calford
  • Acting Provost: Prof Dianne Nicol
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global): Prof Monique Skidmore
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research): Prof Brigid Heywood
  • Principal, University College: Prof Janelle Allison
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Researcher Development): Prof Clive Baldock
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Aboriginal Research & Leadership): Prof Maggie Walter
  • Chair, Student Experience Committee: Mrs Stephanie Taylor
  • Chair, University Course & Unit Proposals Committee and University Quality & Standards Committee: Prof Margaret Noble
  • Chair, University Learning and Teaching Committee: Prof Noel Frankham
  • Chief Operating Officer: Mr David Clerk
  • President, TUU: Ms Jess Robinson
  • Postgraduate President, TUU: Mr Arno Dubois
  • Campus President (North), TUU: Mr Sean Kebbell
  • International Students Officer, TUU: Mr Teng Keng Hoo

Executive Deans

  • Arts, Law and Education: Prof Kate Darian-Smith
  • Health and Medicine: Prof Denise Fassett
  • Sciences and Engineering: Prof Brian Yates
  • Business and Economics: Prof Martin Grimmer (Interim)

Heads of Academic Units

  • Australian Maritime College: Prof Nataliya Nikolova (Acting)
  • Creative Arts: Prof Kit Wise
  • Education: Assoc Prof Karen Swabey
  • Health Sciences: Prof Nuala Byrne
  • Humanities: Prof Tony Simoes da Silva
  • Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies: Prof Richard Coleman
  • Law: Prof Gino Dal Pont (Acting)
  • Medicine: Prof Ben Canny
  • Menzies Institute for Medical Research: Prof Alison Venn
  • Natural Sciences: Prof John Dickey (Acting)
  • Social Sciences: Prof Catherine Palmer
  • Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture: Prof Holger Meinke
  • Tasmanian School of Business and Economics: Prof Melanie Bryant
  • Technology, Environments and Design: Assoc Prof Leonie Ellis (Acting)
  • Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre: Prof James Vickers

Chairs of College Boards

  • Arts, Law and Education: Prof James Chin
  • Business and Economics: Prof John Tisdell
  • Health and Medicine: Prof Justin Walls
  • Sciences and Engineering: Prof Caroline Mohammed

Elected Members

  • Acting Chair: Prof Dominic Geraghty
  • Research Fellow:  Dr Eloise Foo   Term:  31.12.2019

Members of Academic Staff:

  • Dr Karen Barry   Term:  31.12.2019
  • Prof Natalie Brown   Term:  31.12.2019
  • Dr Peta Cook    Term:  31.12.2018
  • Dr Renée Dwyer    Term:  31.12.2018
  • Dr Danchi Jiang   Term:  31.12.2019
  • Dr Jo-Anne Kelder   Term:  31.12.2019
  • Dr John Kenny    Term:  31.12.2018
  • Dr Trevor Lewis     Term:  31.12.2018
  • Prof Christopher Lueg   Term:  31.12.2019
  • Prof Greg Rickard    Term:  31.12.2018
  • Assoc Prof Ashley Townsend    Term:  31.12.2019


  • Prof David Adams, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Community Partnerships & Regional Development)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research Collaborations & Infrastructure (Executive Director, IMAS)
  • Mr Andrew Gillies, Executive Director (Student Operations)
  • Ms Wendy Hoyle, Acting University Librarian
  • Prof Margaret Otlowski, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Culture & Wellbeing)


  • Ms Sonia Nelson