Access, Participation and Partnerships

HAP and the ATAR

A collaboration between the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certification (TASC) allows results from High Achiever Program (HAP) units to be counted towards the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) in Tasmania. The ATAR is based on the best five results in TASC level 3 or 4 courses. For students who wish to include HAP results in the calculation of ATAR, ATAR is based on the 'best five equivalent' results.

Each HAP unit is typically . Most HAP units are the same as a 12.5% University unit, which is about half the size of a TASC level 3 course. In order to provide for the inclusion of any 12.5% University units in the calculation of your ATAR, all TASC level 3 or 4 subjects you have completed have their score halved. Each half score is then deemed to be the "equivalent" of a 12.5% University unit. The best 10 half scores (with at least 6 in Year 12) are then selected to determine the ATAR.

Please note: Students who reside outside of Tasmania should contact their Tertiary Admission Centre for advice on the possible inclusion of results from their study at the University of Tasmania in the calculation of an ATAR in their home state.

All information relating to the ATAR and current arrangements with TASC should be checked against the TASC website.

New ATAR arrangements for Year 11/12 HAP study in 2016 and beyond

To be eligible for an ATAR a student must meet certain requirements, which are explained in detail on the TASC website.


Scaling is calculated and applied each year, and will be applied to relevant HAP units studied in 2016 and beyond. The scaling process is determined and managed by TASC and is applied to all accredited senior secondary courses at TASC level 3 or 4 and to approved* University of Tasmania units at Foundation level and above.

For more information about scaling, please see the TASC website.

*Approved units are listed for the relevant year on the University of Tasmania website as HAP units.

Number of HAP units students can study:

From 2016 there is no limit to the number of HAP units a student can study. However, you may not be able to gain credit for all completed HAP units if you enrol in a University course. This is because some Faculties may limit the amount of credit you can receive. See credit information for more detail.