Access, Participation and Partnerships

Who is eligible to participate?

To be eligible for the High Achiever Program, you are required to demonstrate very high levels of academic performance at senior secondary education or equivalent level. For this reason, please note that successful HAP applications will generally be from students who are enrolled in Year 12 (ie in Year 11 at the time of application).

The best evidence of your exceptional academic achievement is your results in TASC Level 3 or 4 subjects in Year 11: It is expected that you will have completed three or more Level 3 TASC subjectsin Year 11, with at least 2 EA -Exceptional Achievement - results as documented in school/college reports and TCE scores.

The threshold eligibility requirements outlined above for HAP applicants are applied uniformly across all HAP subjects and Faculties, unless there are special or extenuating circumstances that need to be considered. Examples of such extenuating circumstances include high achievers who have spent time overseas during Year 11 and therefore are unable to complete TASC Level 3 or Level 4 subjects or a high-achieving Grade 10 student seeking to undertake HAP in Year 11 in a particular study area. Note, however, that in all such cases, evidence of exceptional academic performance will be required. Particularly if you are seeking to apply to do HAP in Year 11, the University will carefully consider your application to determine not only if there is sufficient evidence of exceptional achievement in your academic records but also sufficient maturity to balance university level study with TASC accredited study. In this regard, your school/referee reports will need to provide a strong case to support your application to be enrolled in the HAP program earlier than Year 12. In the case of extenuating circumstances, internal representatives of the University including the Head of Enrolments, the HAP Coordinator and relevant Faculty representatives will be involved in assessing these cases.

Each HAP application will be considered on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility.

If you apply for entry to the High Achiever Program you should consider carefully your overall study demands in the TCE/IB in relation to proposed university units before confirming your enrolment. It is also important that potential HAP students are aware of the University's timetable for your planned HAP unit before confirming your enrolment with the University.

Please note the following specific eligibility conditions applicable to HAP applications for modern languages:

HAP units in modern languages may only be completed in YEAR 12

  • For HAP Japanese/French/German (for which there is usually a TASC level 3 offering and there is also a UCP offering available):
    • You need at least 2 EA units in Year 11 including an EA in the TASC level 3 subject for that language and you must have completed the UCP offering for that language, with at least a DISTINCTION result;
    • In cases where German, Japanese or French language at TASC level 3 has not been available to you in Year 11, other evidence of exceptional achievement in such language will be required (as well as evidence of EA achievement in two other level 3 TASC subjects in Year 11)
  • For HAP Indonesian/Chinese (for which no UCP is available and often no TASC level 3 offering):
    • To study Indonesian, you need at least 2 EA results in TASC level 3 subjects in Year 11
    • To study Chinese, you need at least 2 EA results in TASC level 3 subjects in year 11 and one of the EA results must be in Chinese TASC level 3 (if this was available to you in Year 11). Where you have not studied TASC level 3 Chinese, you must demonstrate an equivalent high level of achievement (as Chinese is currently offered only at intermediate [level 200]).

Note that you are not eligible to study HAP language units if you are a background speaker of the subject language (that is, if the language has been the primary language spoken in your home or the primary language of instruction during your education at primary school and/or high school).

How is your application assessed?

Shortly after the closing date, the admissions committee will review applicants' documentation and, if necessary, contact schools and principals for further information regarding an application. Students will be assessed as to their suitability for their selected unit(s) in accordance with the stipulated pre-requisite or co-requisite TASC/IB subjects.

If the unit is not available, we will contact all applicants and discuss alternative units or the option of withdrawal.

The University will provide written notification of the outcome of your application, whether successful or unsuccessful, by early February 2017. The decision regarding your application is final. Please direct any queries regarding your application only to

NOTE: If you wish to change units once you have enrolled please contact at the University of Tasmania and identify yourself as a HAP student. You must not change your enrolment online.