Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science

Annual Report 2012 Now Available

The ACROSS Annual Report 2012 has been released, and can be found both online and in print.

The latest report contains a broad range of information on the activities of ACROSS in 2012. Flick through the pages to find information about ACROSS members, funding, publications, collaborations, visitors, and much more.

The report also contains research highlights from each node of ACROSS. Prof Philip Marriott, from the Monash node, has written about an innovative hybrid GCxGC-MDGC gas chromatography platform. Prof Emily Hilder, from the UTAS node, shared her work on MilliSpot, which allows for a new approach to bioanalysis. Additionally, Dr Patrice Castignolles, from the UWS node, talks about modern separations for advanced polymeric materials and polysaccharides.

The ACROSS Annual Report 2012 can be obtained in print from ACROSS reception, or you can simply view it online [PDF 1.2MB].

Written by Jason Hofman

Published on: 07 Nov 2013