Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science

ARC ERA 2012 Report Released

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has released the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2012 National Report, and the results for ACROSS are outstanding.

ERA 2012, which is the second report of its kind to be released, ran from January 1 2005 to December 31 2010. During this time, all Australian universities submitted detailed information about publications, research and staff, with the end result being ERA 2012.

Once again, ACROSS and the School of Chemistry achieved excellent results. In the specific discipline of Analytical Chemistry, UTAS received the highest possible rank of 5, which is characterised by "evidence of outstanding performance well above world standard presented by the suite of indicators used for evaluation." In the broader field Chemical Science, UTAS still achieved an impressive 4, which is "evidence of performance above world standard".

Chemical Science within Australia accounted for 4% of research outputs submitted to ERA 2012. It had over 16,000 publications, with 15,068 of them being journals. Additionally, there was almost 1,300 academic staff working in the field of chemistry alone.

Congratulations to ACROSS, the School of Chemistry, and the University of Tasmania on these remarkable results.

For more facts, figures and information, visit the ERA 2012 website.

Published on: 06 Dec 2012