Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science


Source Recipients Duration Title Amount
Australian Dental Research Foundation Paull B, Nesterenko PN 2014 The development and testing of new adhesive polymers and their application to material sourced from human teeth $7,400
Australian Research Council Paull B 2014-2016 Lectin based open tubular micro-reactors for probing protein-protein binding $320,000
Australian Research Council Vickers JC, Small DH, Nowak BF, Hilder EF, Hallegraeff GM 2014 Establishment of a digital transmission electron microscopy facility $380,000
Grape and Wine Research & Development Corporation: Scholarship-Top-Up Shellie RA, Breadmore MC 2014-2016 Optimising oak expression in wine through real-time flavour profiling of maturation products $32,544
Starpharma Pty Limited Paull B 2014 Method development for the detection and HPLC analysis of Priostar dendrimers $12,176
Australian Research Council Bowie AR 2013-2017 Natural iron fertilisation of oceans around Australia: linking terrestrial dust, marine biogeochemistry and climate $869,625
Australian Research Council Breadmore MC 2013-2017 Highly integrated miniaturised total analysis systems for pharmaceuticals in biological and environmental samples $871,645
Australian Research Council Hearn MTW, Haddad PR, Boysen RI, Quirino JP 2013-2015 Selectivity enhancement in separation science using responsive materials
Australian Research Council  Hilder EF, Moad G, Bon SA  2013-2015 Polymer nanoparticles and their assembled supracolloidal monolithic structures for applications in separation science
Australian Research Council Marriott PJ, Chaffee AL, Mitrevski B 2013-2015 Ultra-high resolution hybrid comprehensive-multidimensional gas and supercritical fluid chromatography for explicit characterisation of petrochemicals
Australian Research Council Nesterenko PN, Paull B, Haddad PR, Davies NW, Shellie RA, Wilson R, Kelleher BP 2013-2015 Resolving dissolved organic matter: New multi-dimensional separation approaches
Department of Industry Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education; SGE Analytical Science Pty Ltd Hilder EF, Hon WB 2013 Researcher in business - polymers for nucleic acid sample preparation $100,000
Essential Oils of Tasmania Paull B, Kazarian AA 2013 Extraction of shell protein $13,500
Essential Oils of Tasmania Paull B, Nesterenko PN, Lawson TT 2013 Development of extraction technology for absorption and purification of perfume oils $10,000
Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation: Travel/Conference Grant Shellie RA, Breadmore MC, Farrell RR 2013 Improving quality of wine maturation products through real-time analysis of oak wood volatiles $2,966
Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation Jose MD, Hilder EF, Shellie RA, Karu N 2013 Towards a better understanding of uraemic molecules $22,727
Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation McCartney PJ, Guven N, Guijt RM, Smith JA 2013 Neuroprotective function of novel short chain-quinones $9,090
University of Tasmania Guijt RM 2013 3D printing of biological environments $18,000
Australian Research Council Macka M 2012-2017 Solid-state light sources for bio-imaging and imcrofluidics
Australian Research Council Haddad PR, Shellie RA, Dicinoski GW, Szucs R, Pohls C, Dolan JW 2012-2016 Rapid method development in pharmaceutical analysis using quality-by-design principles
National Health and Medical Research Council Thomson RJ, Hoy W, McMorran BJ, Jose MD, Hilder EF, Charlesworth JC 2012-2015 To search for genetic causes of renal disease in the Tiwi Island Aboriginal population
Sao Paulo Research Foundation Funari CS, Hilder EF, Cavalheiro AJ 2012-2013 A trade off between separation, detection and sustainability in liquid chromatography $80,000
Australian Research Council Shellie RA 2011-2016 A field-portable comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatograph
SGE Analytical Science Pty Ltd Hilder EF, Shellie RA, Candish E 2011-2015 Elite scholarship support - Esme Candish
University of Tasmania Bowie AR 2011-2014 Rising Stars
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Dicinoski GW, Breadmore MC 2011-2014 Development of a commercial-ready pre-blast explosive analyser for inorganic-based homemade explosive (HME) screening
Australian Research Council Nesterenko PN, Paull B 2011-2014 Micro-disperse sintered nano-diamonds: A new class of versatile adsorbent for high performance liquid chromatography
Australian Research Council Quirino JP 2010-2015 Green sample preparation technologies for analytical chemistry $703,332
University of Tasmania Guijt RM 2010-2013 Rising Stars
Australian Research Council Haddad PR 2010-2013 Simulation and optimisation of retention in ion chromatography with multi-step elution profiles
Australian Research Council Hassler CS, Doblin MA, Bowie AR, Mancuso Nichols CA, Butler EC, Slaveykova-Startcheva V 2010-2013 Novel technologies to resolve the role of organic matter on iron chemistry and bioavailability in the Southern Pacific Ocean
University of Tasmania Shellie RA 2010-2013 Rising Stars
Australian Research Council Breadmore MC 2009-2014 Integrated microfluidic device for the direct analysis of drugs and metabolites in biological fluids
Australian Research Council Hilder EF 2009-2014 High performance chromatography based on nanostructured monolithic polymers
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Breadmore MC, Haddad PR, Hilder EF, Dicinoski GW, Hutchinson JP, Guijt RM, Nesterenko PN, Quirino JP, Johns CA 2009-2013 Portable multiplexed electrophoretic and chromatographic systems for the detection and identification of explosives
Australian Research Council Haddad PR, Hilder EF, Shalliker RA 2009-2013 Synthesis characterisation and evaluation of novel ion-exchange polymer monolithic stationary phases for separation science
Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts Haddad PR, Dicinoski GW 2008-2013 Support for four international PhD students assisting in PARC (Pfizer Analytical Research Centre)