Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science


Name Degree Commenced Thesis Title Supervisors
Ala Alhusban PhD 2012 Sequential injection capillary electrophoresis (SI-CE) for on-line monitoring of organic acids in bioprocesses RM Guijt, MC Breadmore, N Gueven
Jalal AlthakafyPhD2014Environmental assessment and ecosystem impacts of modern chemicalsPJ Marriott, M Grace
Nico Bester PhD 2014 Construction and application of a low-cost, low power Capillary Electrophoresis Apparatus for independent and remotely-controlled monitoring of low concentration analytes MC Breadmore, RM Gujit
Taylor BlackstockHonours2015
EF Hilder, RA Shellie
Esme Candish PhD 2011 Novel polymeric monolithic devices to aid sample preparation in bioanalysis EF Hilder, RA Shellie, A Gooley
Farhan Cecil PhD 2014 Detection in microseparation formats designed, modelled and fabricated utilising modern engineering technologies M Macka, RM Gujit
Chris Desire PhD 2013 Polymer nanoparticles and their assembled supracolloidal monolithic structures for applications in separation science EF Hilder, RD Arrua
Emer Duffy PhD 2011 Development of centrifugal micro-fluidic disc (u-CD) platforms for automated analytical chemistry B Paull, PN Nesterenko
Milos Dvorak Honorary
M Macka
Mari Egeness PhD 2012 Modulation in two-dimensional liquid chromatography RA Shellie, EF Hilder, HJ Cortes
Ross Farrell PhD 2012 OPTIOAK - smelling the good in wood. Optimising oak aroma profiles for the wine through real-time aromatic grading and quality control RA Shellie, MC Breadmore
James FordHonours2015
MC Breadmore
Elisenda Fornells PhD 2014
EF Hilder
Matthew Gardener Honours 2014 Reducing Design Complexity for a Novel Optical Biosensor Platform EF Hilder
Daniel Gstoettenmayr PhD 2011 Development of a novel ultrasensitive capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry system for the analysis of environmental pollutants MC Breadmore, JP Quirino
Vipul Gupta PhD 2014 Portable Chromatograph (LCxGC) B Paull, PN Nesterenko
Redar HamadaminMsC2015
RA Shellie
Shaghayegh Hossein MSc 2011 Metallohelicates and their biological activity J Aldrich-Wright, P Castignolles, M Gaborieau
Matthew Jacobs PhD 2012 Multidimensional resistively heated gas chromatography RA Shellie, EF Hilder
Jayanthi (Mala) Jayamanne PhD 2013 Biomarkers of nanoparticle exposure from metabolomic profiling PJ Marriott, T Turney
Umme Kalsoom Honorary

Sharif KhanPhD2014A new operating platform for comprehensive 2D GCPJ Marriott, ST Chin
Aminreza Khodabandeh PhD 2012 Polymer nanoparticles and their supracolloidal monolithic structures for applications in separation science EF Hilder, RD Arrua
Lee Sun (Sunny) Kim PhD 2011 Development of absolute molecular configuration strategies based on multidimensional separation with spectroscopic methodologies PJ Marriott, K Tuck
Danijela Kokic PhD 2010 Ultra-high resolution separations of complex samples derived from biological matrices RA Shalliker, GR Dennis
Thomas Lawson PhD 2012 Characterisation of shell proteins and their application B Paull, PN Nesterenko
Bussayarat Maikhunthod PhD 2008 Herb and spice profiling by using GCxGC and MDGC methods PJ Marriott, D Small
Alison Maniego PhD 2013 Characterisation of smart polymers for anticancer drug delivery P Castignolles, M Gaborieau, J Aldrich-Wright, Y Guillaneuf, M Jones
Siti Umairah Mokhtar PhD 2012 Development of routine approaches to high-resolution, fast chromatography approaches for drug and metabolite assessment and profiling PJ Marriott, O Drummer
Yada Nolvachai PhD 2012 Computational approaches in designing comprehensive 2D GC PJ Marriott, K Pas
Ansara Noori PhD 2013 High resolution atmospheric monitoring by integrated miniaturised spectro-chemical sensors on small and micro-unmanned aerial vehicles GW Dicinoski, M Macka, A Lucieer
James Oliver PhD 2010 Novel substrates for bioethanol production M Philipps, J Markham, P Peiris, P Castignolles
Soo Hyun Park PhD 2013 Rapid method development in pharmaceutical analysis using quality-by-design principles PR Haddad, RA Shellie
Anton Peristyy PhD 2011  Preparation and characterisation of diamond based stationary phases for ultra high performance liquid chromatography PN Nesterenko, B Paull
Sui Ching Phung PhD 2013 Isotachophoresis of cells MC Breadmore, S Powell, RM Guijt, M Macka
Sercan Pravadali PhD 2010 Analysis of complex samples using multidimensional separations and selective detection RA Shalliker, GR Dennis, X Conlan
Leila Ranjbar Shourabi PhD 2013 Multidimensional separation approaches for complex sample analysis RA Shellie, MC Breadmore
Alfonso Rojas Cardona PhD 2013 Resolving dissolved organic matter: New multi-dimensional separation B Paull, P Nesterenko, RA Shellie
Aliaa Shallan PhD 2011 Microchip methods for the separation of drugs and metabolites in biological and environmental samples MC Breadmore, RM Guijt
David Shock PhD 2008 Selectivity in separations RA Shalliker, GR Dennis
Adam Sutton  MSc 2014
P Castignolles, M Gaborieau
Boon Kim Tan PhD 2008 Profiling of the danshen herb by using LC/MS, LC-NMR and GCxGC/MS methods E Pang, PJ Marriott, CG Li, S Urban
Maryam Taraji PhD 2013 Rapid method development in pharmaceutical analysis using quality-by-design principles RA Shellie, PR Haddad
Faustino Tarongoy PhD 2014 Selectivity Enhancement in Separation Science using Responsive Materials JP Quirino, PR Haddad
Danielle Taylor Honours 2013 Characterisation of DNA-anticancer drug interactions by capillary electrophoresis P Castignolles, M Gaborieau, J Aldrich-Wright
Joel Thevarajah PhD 2013 Characterising chitosan to enable medical applications such as stem-cell growth substrate and drug delivery M Gaborieau, P Castignolles, C Lefay, J Aldrich-Wright, M O'Connor
Mark Trudgett PhD 2010  Advanced aspects of multidimensional HPLC  RA Shalliker, G Guiochon 
Nirved UpadhyayPhD2015Lectin modified tubular capillary columns with selective glycoprotein extraction and isolationM Macka, B Paull
Matthew Van Leeuwen PhD 2014
Renee Webster PhD  2012 Advanced molecular separation and characterisation techniques for trace oxidation and thermal degradation products of fuels PJ Marriott, D Evans
Yabin Wen PhD 2014 Detection in microseparation formats designed, modelled and fabricated utilising modern engineering technologies RA Shellie, PR Haddad
Elizabeth Whitty MSc

Yong Foo Wong PhD 2014 Assessment of volatile phytochemicals in plant resources PJ Marriott, P Permutter
Alain Wuethrich PhD 2013 Green sample preparation in analytical chemistry: Stacking and solventless extraction JP Quirino, PR Haddad
Li Yan PhD 2014 Portable liquid chromatographic separation platforms M Macka, PN Nesterenko
Yiing Chiing Yap  PhD  2011  The microfluidic device: A novel in-vitro model of traumatic brain injury  T Dickson, MC Breadmore, A King, RM Guijt
Xu (Annie) Zeng PhD 2012 Gas Chromatography of Fatty Acids in Natural Samples, Soils, and the Body PJ Marriott, A Patti