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International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme is a two year pre-tertiary course. Based in Switzerland, the IB Diploma programme was established in 1968 and now over 3633 schools in 146 countries participate in the Diploma programme with approximately 1,117,000 students being assessed annually.

The University of Tasmania has adopted the South Australian IB to ATAR equivalency table.

Courses at the University may be subject to quota selection, as some courses have a limited number of places and high numbers of applications.

IB applicants will be ranked according to their IB score on the following scale.

IB to ATAR table
IB Points Equivalent ATAR
45 99.95
44 99.95
43 99.95
42 99.85
41 99.20
40 98.85
39 98.50
38 98.20
37 97.75
36 96.30
35 95.50
34 95.15
33 94.55
32 93.30
31 91.35
30 87.15
29 83.85
28 82.90
27 81.30
26 78.95
25 75.55
24 69.90

IB Examination Results

The University of Tasmania wishes to advise that the (relatively) late release of IB results in early January does not disadvantage IB applicants.

According to the International Baccalaureate Organization Handbook of Procedures ‘A university, college or admissions centre (or college) may require evidence of a candidate’s results directly from the IB. On request, the results for a candidate will be sent directly to the institution in electronic or paper format (a transcript of grades).’ Requests for this service must be submitted using form B2 by your IB Coordinator on IBIS according to the deadlines

The University of Tasmania has its own admissions centre, therefore students will need to complete a request for this individual university.