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Frank Celata


From the Artistic Director

Inspired by the power and beauty of nature, AISOI presents two exciting programmes.

Lead by distinguished and internationally acclaimed conductor, Johannes Fritzsch, our first week begins with a musical journey through the Alps in a rare Tasmanian performance of Strauss' epic Alpine Symphony.

In our second week, brilliant young Australian conductor Matthew Coorey, makes his debut appearance with AISOI.

He presents a programme including 2 stunning works by Debussy; the highly popular and sensual Afternoon of a Faun is followed by his 3 highly evocative orchestral sketches depicting the sea, La Mer.

We come to a grand finale with Stravinsky's visions of Pagan Russia in the brutal and barbaric Rite of Spring, regarded as one of the most influential works of the 20th Century.

Join us for two outstanding concerts by the rising stars of the future.

Frank Celata
Artist Director AISOI 2016