Alumni profiles

We are always keen to learn about the role that the University has played in your career and life journey since graduation. If you are interested in providing an alumni profile please email us with your details and we will send you a brief questionnaire. Profiles will be showcased in each alumni eNews and online at

Sarah Thornton

"My career began after I graduated from the University of Tasmania in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education, I was offered a Westpac graduate traineeship in Sydney. At age 22 I wanted to see the ‘big smoke’ and they paid me $500 to relocate... so I packed my belongings into my Datsun 120Y and got on the ferry! "

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Nikeel Idnani

"The AMC’s level of credibility and recognition in the industry has contributed to my professional development during my career."

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Dr David Daintree AM

"Earlier, while at the University of Cambridge, I got married instead of finishing my doctorate, so decided years later to complete my doctoral work at University of Tasmania"

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Richard Ngo

"Studying at an overseas university is once in a lifetime experience."

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Terry Aulich

"My best piece of advice to current or future students is to question, be curious and enjoy learning for its own sake."

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Pete Saunders

"It taught me to be self sufficient and that the passion I felt for my work could be maintained in the ‘real world’."

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