Alumni profiles

We are always keen to learn about the role that the University has played in your career and life journey since graduation. If you are interested in providing an alumni profile please email us with your details and we will send you a brief questionnaire. Profiles will be showcased in each alumni eNews and online at

Jody Fassina

"Two lecturers stand out for me, the legendary Bruce Felmingham, and Jack English who taught me Investment Analysis"

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Katy Woodroffe

"Now that I live in Hobart it is great to see the continuation of the Art School in the heart of the city. It provides a rich and vibrant arts culture to the surrounding community."

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Kim Loane

"The skills I developed in my time at the University of Tasmania were good enough to underpin my career working globally with colleagues and clients who hold qualifications from many of the most famous and respected educational institutions in the world. "

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Sara Blake

"I was inspired by the passion and willingness of researchers and academics to impart knowledge onto students."

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Margaret Worthington

"UTAS offered a course that was exactly suited to my requirements and actually took me beyond what I had envisioned. The office staff were very friendly, helpful and my supervisors perceptive."

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Peter Murray

"My Arts degree rounds off a commercial life."

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