ARC Centre for Forest Value


Welcome to the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Forest Value

Centre for Forest Value logoThe Australian forestry and forest products sector is well placed to contribute to new opportunities in landscape management and sustainable design. The Training Centre for Forest Value will produce industry-ready graduates and postdoctoral fellows with broad perspectives of the forest industry, and will achieve industry transformation through their research and training aimed at better integration and flow of information between (i) production and environmental tree plantings, and (ii) the supply chain from the forest to the final application.

 The activities and outcomes of the Centre will: 

  1. Facilitate forestry, manufacturing and design precision, and establish the potential for virtual vertical integration of forest enterprises.    
  2. Enable a transformation in the ways that timber users define required material properties as well as how timber producers grow, mill, assess and market the resource that it provides.    
  3. Underpin meeting these product markets through the supply of certified raw materials from sustainably managed production landscapes.    
  4. Drive innovation in the forest restoration and environmental planting activities that have now become a fundamental part of production forestry.

The University of Tasmania is recognized nationally and internationally for its research excellence in fields that constitute the focus of the Centre for Forest Value.  These metrics include:

  • the highest ranking of 5 (defined as well above world standard) for Forestry Sciences (FoR code 0705) in the most recent assessment of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) system
  • a rank of 76 in the world in Plant and Animal Sciences under the 2015 ARWU ranking scheme
  • a ranking in the 101-150 cohort of universities internationally in the QS system for research in Agriculture and Forestry