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Design Forum - advanced design research

Event Name Design Forum - advanced design research
Start Date 20th Sep 2018 1:00pm
End Date 20th Sep 2018 2:00pm
Duration 1 hour
Advanced Design research graduating students present the culmination of a year's work in the Master of Architecture program.  In ADR, students undertake research that relates to the design disciplines in a broad sense, with a focus on areas of research strength at UTAS Architecture & Design.  Students choose from a broad range of 'selective' offerings, to work in small teams and in close collaboration with tutors, focusing on practice-led and speculative design projects closely aligned with the interests of staff researchers.

ADR this year has five very diverse projects covering a wide range of topics, including –

  • rapid forming of complex 3D metal cladding components (Richard Burnham);
  • bio-fabrication with mycelium and SCOBY (Jacqueline Power and Michael Hornblow);
  • Tasmanian ruins using drone photogrammetry (Michael Hornblow)
  • design-make educational resources for primary schools and the Forest Education Foundation (Richard Burnham),
  • non-standard timber construction using digital fabrication tools and augmented reality (Peter Booth).

Architecture & Design

8 Invermay Road, Inveresk Campus

Rory Spence, VOS construction lecture theatre