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Digital design tools for innovative architecture - Drew Williamson

Event Name Digital design tools for innovative architecture - Drew Williamson
Start Date 9th Mar 2018 1:00pm
End Date 9th Mar 2018 2:00pm
Duration 1 hour

University of Tasmania, Visiting Scholar Drew Williamson presents:

Digital design tools for innovative architecture

The practice of architecture occurs within a network of competing interests and limitations. In the design and delivery of built projects, architects work with, for and alongside a number of agents in an enormous ecology whereby clients, consultants, authorities and builders might all harbour different agendas and criteria for measuring the success of the finished project. The first hurdle will often see many exchange their best intentions for the path of least resistance. Engaging directly with these forces is critical in the creation and delivery of innovative architecture.

So how are we to negotiate this tangle and guide our projects towards successful realisation? How do we remain responsive and flexible in adjusting to changes in advice and circumstance, compromising without delivering designs that are compromised? When faced with the inertia of convention, how can we persuade decision-makers that uncertainty does not equal risk?

Put simply, we use the tools at our disposal. While I believe that all communication media – whether analogue or digital – is complementary in the design process and can expand the potential for innovative outcomes, in practice I have seen how the capacity for digital design tools to influence built outcomes is increasingly due to their value as information just as much as representation. By re-framing the information already latent within digital architectural models, architects can engage directly with the ‘normalising’ forces of project delivery, demonstrating alternative means for achieving competing objectives, informing decision-making while maintaining design intent and overcoming barriers to innovation in architectural design.

1pm - 2pm
Architecture & Design
8 Invermay Road, Invermay  
IC108 Lecture Theatre 

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