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Agritecture: When Architecture meets Agriculture

When architecture minds combine with agricultural science, amazing things can happen!

As part of a School of Architecture and Design bamboo study program, a group of 16 architecture staff and students travelled to Vietnam this month. The group explored the use of bamboo for soil remediation and water filtration and developed prototypes of bamboo structures for community buildings (both cultural and agricultural).

The trip culminated in the development of a full scale prototype of a bamboo cattle shelter for a local farming community in Central Vietnam. The prototype will be used in Dr Rowan Smith’s (School of Land and Food) beef cattle production project, to show farmers different design and construction options using bamboo for cattle shelters.

Check out some of the other great pics and videos from the the trip on the Architecture and Design Facebook and Instagram pages, or search the #vietnambamboo2017.

Published on: 25 Jul 2017 11:13am