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Our Students

The University’s growing research-led international reputation, together with its extensive network of international partner universities, ensures that more than 3,600 international students each year choose to study at the University of Tasmania.

Our students in architecture and design are exposed to the latest thinking and technologies, and to changing social and ethical responsibilities.

The School of Architecture & Design maintains a healthy balance of international and local students. Approximately 30% of our students are international, bringing a rich mix of backgrounds and experiences from places including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, as well as Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Japan, Nepal and South Korea.

The School particularly prides itself on its positive staffstudent relationships, community atmosphere and cohesive student population that celebrates cultural diversity. Regular whole-of-School activities include design charrettes that bring all students and staff together across the various programs and year levels.

Coming to the University of Tasmania is probably one of the best things I have ever chosen to do. I have met a lot great people and I am loving the program. Here it is a bit more creative… After doing electives in environmentally sustainable design and landscape architecture I have developed a passion for an architecture that relates strongly to its context and responds to the environment.