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Our Courses

Architecture and Design students are exposed to the latest thinking and technologies, and to changing social and ethical responsibilities.

Architecture and Design are courses for people who are creative, inquisitive and observant. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, if you find inspiration in unlikely places, if you like doing and making, researching and planning, this could be ideal courses for you.

We offer a Bachelor of Architecture & Built Environment with specialisation options in Architecture and Interior Design. Each specialisation is underpinned by substantial design studio and workshop components, integrated with studies in relevant histories and theories, building technologies, professional studies and design communication.

Our Architecture and Design courses encourage creative investigation and research, and provide you with many opportunities to  go beyond the classroom to create objects, spaces and places. You will work closely with academic mentors and will gain essential practical experience. With rapid changes in technology around the world, there is a demand for innovative, highly educated, ethically driven, sustainability-conscious and technically competent designers.

Your learning experiences and assessment tasks will push your creativity and innovative thinking and will be practical and applied. You will develop the work-ready skills demanded by employers, including evidence-based problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, effective communication and time management.

During your studies you will engage in a series of creative design projects that explore a future where social responsibility and environmental sustainability are key elements in the design and making of new buildings, places and spaces. You will develop innovative approaches, critical thinking, and the creative skills to respond to the challenging issues facing society and will learn to push the boundaries of architectural and design practice.


You can pursue Honours in Architecture or Interior Design as part of the Bachelor of Architecture & Built Environment. Honours can help you gain deeper knowledge in your specialist area and can advance your career more quickly. An Honours year can also lead to postgraduate study and careers in research or academia.

Alternative Entry Pathways

An alternative entry pathway can help you get into the course you want if you don’t have the prerequisites or ATAR score for direct entry. This could mean starting in a different course and then transferring, or completing a relevant AQF-recognised diploma, advanced diploma or associate degree from an Australian TAFE or other Registered Training Organisation.

You may also be eligible for advanced standing (credit recognition) if you have already started a similar degree  at another Australian or overseas tertiary institution.

The Bachelor of General Studies is designed for applicants who do not meet general entrance requirements or for those who want a more supported introduction to their studies. Alternatively, the University Preparation Program (UPP) offers non-school leaver (mature-aged) students, or those who did not complete year 11 and 12, the critical skills for success at university across a broad range of subjects.