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China/Taiwan Language & Culture Program

Xian roof and blossom, crossroads, temple

Late November 2017 to End of January 2018

The UTAS China/Taiwan Language & Culture Program offers students an exciting opportunity to develop their language skills and complete parts of their degree in Taipei, Taiwan.

Register Now

You will automatically be assessed for eligibility to participate in the program as well as eligibility for scholarship funding.

Once you have registered, the program coordinator will contact you about next steps.

Chinese language students at UTAS will be able to experience real life in a part of Han China, develop their language skills in both the classroom and on the street, and learn first-hand about Chinese society and culture, both modern and historic, and about the tremendous changes occurring in China today.

The aims of the UTAS China/Taiwan Language & Culture Program are:

  • To provide access to an accredited language course in Taipei and a process for crediting in-country language study back to a UTAS degree.
  • To build on existing language skills through intensive language study led by experienced Chinese language teachers.
  • To supplement language study with Chinese cultural practices through elective afternoon courses, including a guided study tour of Taipei and workplace experience.

Important Dates and Deadlines

1 Sep Application closing date
8 Sept Notice of acceptance into the short term program
15 Sept Recorded Information Session - Cancelled
20 Nov Arrive in Taipei
21 Nov Registration at the Mandarin Training Centre (MTC)
23-29 Nov Taipei Study Tour and workplace experience
30 Nov MTC Orientation
1 Dec First Day of Instruction
26 Jan Last Day of Instruction
  • For UTAS students for any level of Chinese, students currently enrolled in 100, 200 and 300 level HMC language units will be given priority
  • 60-day intensive program (equivalent to 25 credit points (25%) course load or two units of Chinese language study)
  • Accommodation near MTC will be available
  • Class allocation at MTC by a placement test conducted on Registration Day
  • In-depth study tour of Taipei
  • Assessment procedures to be conducted by MTC and subject to a moderation process by UTAS
  1. Tuition: Students will enrol in 25% overseas study units that are credited to their degree and for which HECS charges apply. Tuition fees are not paid by students to MTC.
  2. The following costs (totalling about $4000) are all approximate.
    • Airfare to Taipei: $1200
    • Accommodation: Shared double rooms $1800-$2200
    • Living costs: $750

Financial assistance is available through OS Help. Check the eligibility and conditions and apply if it suits your needs.

New Colombo Plan

Mobility Scholarships (up to $3000) and limited College scholarships (up to $500) may be available to eligible students. You will be automatically assessed for eligibility at the time of application.

Students who receive payments from Centrelink (such as Youth Allowance) should be eligible to receive these payments whilst on the Short Term Program but it is vital that you contact Centrelink to verify this.

Please note, however, that Centrelink will cease payments if a student leaves Australia more than 6 weeks before the commencement of their studies overseas. Payments will not be reinstated until the student physically re-enters the country. Please visit the Centrelink website for further details.

The China/Taiwan Language & Culture Program is open to all UTAS students interested in studying Mandarin Chinese.

To find out more, please email: