College of Arts, Law and Education

Governance and Implementation Research Group

The College of Arts, Law and Education hosts the Governance and Implementation Research Group (GIRG) which was established in mid-2011 to promote a multi-disciplinary research in the field of governance and implementation. This research agenda aims to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of governance in a range of contexts from policy challenges facing the Tasmanian community, to the prospects of providing effective global governance in the 21st century.

The group has an open membership structure in order to promote contributions from the full range of disciplinary perspectives represented at UTAS with 35 staff and graduate students from four faculties (Arts, SET, Business and Law) and two institutes (Menzies and IMAS) have been involved in GIRG activities. GIRG members have secured over $1.2 million in external funding since the group was formed.

Indicative Research Projects

  • Professor Keith Jacobs ‘A sociological investigation of key housing problems in contemporary Australia’
  • A/Prof Kate Crowley 'Bounded Governance: the Politics of Carbon Pricing in Australia'
  • Dr Stewart Williams and Dr Kate Booth ‘The role of ‘post-politics’ in explaining and addressing recent policy failures’
  • Dr Hannah Murphy ‘The Global Governance of Labour Standards and International Financial Institutions’
  • A/Prof Richard Eccleston ‘From Words to Deeds: Enhancing compliance in post-Crisis global economic governance’


Associate Professor Richard Eccleston
School of Social Sciences