College of Arts and Law

Multidisciplinary Environment Research Group

The Multidisciplinary Environment Research Group (MERG) is an interdisciplinary research group interested in the ways that we affect, and can be affected by, the environments in which we live. The group addresses the social, cultural and artistic questions facing our natural, industrial and built environments with an aim to forge understanding of environmental change, risk, threats and opportunities.

The MERG aims to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations between the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and creative arts through the organisation of conferences, symposia, workshops and guest lectures. It also holds an annual round of small project grants to encourage relevant research projects.

Key themes and interests of the group include:

  • Animal studies
  • Food studies
  • Sustainability movements and cultures
  • Place and space
  • Imaging and imagining 'nature'
  • Science, culture and society
  • Natural and unnatural futures


Dr Yvette Watt Tasmanian College of the Arts

Associate Professor Elizabeth Leane School of Humanities & IMAS

Dr Stewart Williams School of Land and Food