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Families at War

Is war part of the fabric of your family history?

Perhaps you have an ancestor who served as a soldier or nurse in the First or Second World War? Or an old family war diary or set of letters in the proverbial attic? Families at War introduces you to researching online military records, and to contextualising diverse experiences of war, from those who went to the front to those who stayed behind.

HECS Scholarships may be available for domestic students that cover half of the tuition fees for Families at War in 2017*. You will be charged a tuition fee of 50% for this unit. HECS-HELP is available for Domestic Students wishing to defer this cost. Students will also be required to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) for 2017 when enrolled in Families at War. The cost of the SSAF is $44.10 per unit. This amount can be deferred through the SA-HELP form on eStudent for domestic students. SA-HELP eligibility can be confirmed at SSAF guidelines. This unit is offered within the Diploma of Family History (R2H) or the Associate Degree in Arts (R2B) / Bachelor of General Studies courses, depending on whether you are a commencing or continuing student (*conditions apply).

Online: Families at War is part of a fully online suite of units to enable flexible study.

Free access to Library: Gain free access to billions of historical documents, millions of historical photos, plus local narratives, oral histories and other resources that span from the 1500s to the 2000s.

Unit Objectives

On successful completion of this unit you will understand:

  • Access and use online military service records.
  • Read and analyse wartime letters and diaries.
  • Understand individual lives within the wider history of war, particularly in relation to  Australia and Britain during the First World War.
  • Research and write a biographical report of a person’s wartime service or experience.

Location: Online
Note: Regular access to a desktop computer is required to participate.

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What students say...

"I am an experienced family history researcher, but I felt that I was probably overlooking vital information. This course (Introduction to Family History) was a great learning curve for me, but the two most important things I learnt was to maintain a strict research log and to read all documents thoroughly. This course is highly recommended."
- Ian Beckett, NSW

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