Student Stories

From equestrian
to historian.

Lucy Bennett
History & International Relations

"After the first time around, I wasn't studying with a career in mind, I was just doing subjects that I was passionate about. I was doing it for my own self-fulfilment alongside running my own business as an equestrian."

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Mother, nurse, student,
and artist.

Nikala Bourke

"I'm hoping that I can show my children that whatever you want to do, whatever you put your mind to, you can do it. I'm being a role model to them through a lot of ways; as a mum, as a nurse and an artist as well."

Music, Creative & Performing Arts

From diesel mechanic to foreign correspondent.

Dominic McLaren

"After working for 20 years in a job that I don't enjoy, I want to use the remainder of my working life to study, report on and work in areas of life that excite me. I would love to be a foreign correspondent."

Journalism, Media & Communications