College of Arts and Law

Faculty Officers

All Faculty Officers are located within ARTS Student Central on the Newnham and Sandy Bay campuses and will be your first point of contact for all Faculty of Arts enquiries.

The primary role of the Faculty Officer is to:

  • advise you on what is possible within a degree and help plan your degree to meet your desired outcomes
  • advise you about enrolment and course progression
  • aid you to construct, develop and shape your degree within the degree rules to meet the requirements for your major(s) and minor(s), so that you will finish and graduate in the timeframe you have set
  • determine who is eligible to graduate

The Faculty Office is responsible for:

  • determining and processing credit applications
  • approving requests to undertake cross-institutional study (i.e. study at another institution which may count to your UTAS degree)
  • overseas exchange study enrolment (in conjunction with international office)
  • admissions for non-standard undergraduate applications

Regardless of the campus you attend, you can contact any of the Faculty Office Staff:


Phone  6226 7814  or email

  • Nola Simpson
  • Sarah Johnson (Monday to Wednesday)
  • Aemelia Hopley
  • Melanie Rider (Monday to Thursday)
  • Penny Hyland
  • Aleisha Cross (Cradle Coast)
  • Justine Geeson (Cradle Coast)

Please refer to the generic contact details for  each of our campuses if you are unsure of who to contact

Student Advisers

The role of the Student Adviser is to assist students transition in and through the university environment. Students may encounter stress, financial problems, housing problems, relocation issues, physical and mental health problems, relationship issues and problems with time management.

Your local Student Adviser can offer individualised assistance when you're unsure of who to speak with. As Student Advisers are linked to the wide range of additional support services through UTAS they can connect you directly with additional support services should you need it. For all your support service needs, concerns and enquires, Student Advisers are your first point of contact.


james chester

James Chester
Sandy Bay
Room: Arts Central - Sandy Bay
Twitter: @UTASAdviserArts

jane rienks

Jane Rienks
Tasmanian School of Art and Conservatorium of Music Campuses
Phone: +61 3 6226 1993
Twitter: @UTASAdviserArts


Andrea Edwards

Andrea Edwards
Newnham Campus
Phone: +61 3 6324 3665
Room 112, Student Centre, Newnham Campus.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Cradle Coast

Julie Strickland

Julie Strickland
Cradle Coast Campus
Phone: Phone: +61 3 6430 4904
Main Building ‘D’.


General Contact for Student Advisers

If you would like to find a Student Adviser in another Faculty or School, please contact the Student Centre.

Telephone: +61 3 6226 2697 or email Student Centre and ask for your closest Student Adviser contact.