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Graduation occurs once a student has completed all the requirements for an award, such as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music or Diploma of Fine Art and Design.

It is the student's responsibility to check the Specifications for the degree or diploma in which they are enrolled and to monitor their progress. Sub-Deans and Faculty Officers are available to assist if required.

The University of Tasmania offers two sets of ceremonies each year: early-mid August and mid December. Ceremonies are held in Launceston in the Albert Hall and in Hobart in the University Centre.

Staff in the Faculty Office check student records twice each year, after the semester Census dates, for students who are eligible to graduate. Only records of those students who have indicated at re-enrolment time that they believe they are eligible to graduate are checked.

Students who have not notified Student Administration of their graduation status may miss out on graduating at the closest possible ceremony.

Students who are undertaking Cross-institutional study may not be able to supply examination results from the host institution in time to graduate at the earliest possible ceremony.

Once a student has been identified as a potential graduate and they pass all units in which they were enrolled, a comment automatically appears on their academic record to say that they are eligible to graduate. An actual comment saying that the degree has been awarded does not appear until after the ceremony has taken place.

Students can decide to attend the ceremony or to have their degree awarded without them attending. Students attending the ceremony normally wear the appropriate academic dress for their degree, but this is not compulsory.

The testamur is the piece of paper handed to students proving they have completed their degree/diploma. This is posted out to students who choose not to attend the ceremony.

The Graduation Office is responsible for contacting students once they are certified as potential graduates. They send out information on the ceremonies and graduation procedures. The contact number is +61 3 6324 3034.

Students who are debarred cannot graduate or purchase an academic record or graduate until compulsory fees are paid in full. The free Student Information Handbook gives more information on this and related matters.

For further information on Graduations, please visit the University wide Graduation site