Faculty of Arts

Overseas Study Scholarships

The Faculty of Arts offers a limited number of scholarships to its students travelling overseas to undertake study to count towards their UTas degree/diploma.  Scholarships may be used for students travelling on exchange programs, in-country language programs in Europe and Asia, or UTas units such as HPA2/376 Indo-Tibetan History, Philosophy and Culture and HMA2/232 Chinese Language, Society and Culture.   

Note that the Faculty/University may only approve students to countries that do not have high DFAT warnings.


  • Applicants must be enrolled in courses in the Faculty of Arts and have completed at least the equivalent of one year of full time study (ie 100% enrolment load) before they take up the Scholarship .  International students are eligible to apply.  RHD students are also eligible to apply.

  • The value of the scholarships will range from $750 (short-term scholarships) to $1000 (one or two semesters of overseas study) each.

  • Students are eligible for only one Faculty of Arts scholarship during their study in the Faculty.  Additional payments will not be made if a student extends their study overseas.

  • Where a student wishes to study overseas, but not with a recognised exchange partner, they are not eligible to apply for a scholarship. (OSHelp, an alternative form of assistance, is available to eligible students - see the Student Centre for further information.)

  • Students submit an application form that can be downloaded from the Faculty of Arts website at www.utas.edu.au/arts  Follow the link from Current Students to International Scholarships.

  • Students are not eligible to receive this scholarship if they have received other scholarship funds for this overseas study.

  • Applications must be lodged with proof of acceptance at an overseas institution and proof of travel documents (ie an official flight itinerary).  Applicants should allow up to six weeks for processing the application before funds are lodged in their bank account, after their UTas enrolment has been finalised.

  • Whilst studying overseas, students must remain enrolled at the University of Tasmania and must meet all requirements of the host institution regarding their study, such as attendance at lectures/tutorials and completion of assessment tasks and be of good behaviour.

  • A statement to record a student’s success will be entered on their academic record.

  • If the student fails to take up the overseas study option they must repay the funds received to the Faculty.

  • Closing Dates:  No particular closing dates apply 

Application Form (PDF 54KB)