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The Asia Institute Tasmania is an organisation that will foster engagement with the Asian region by the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian community. It will build professional and institutional relationships with Asia, develop expertise and understanding of Asia, and promote new research activities.

Established in a partnership with the State Government of Tasmania, the Asia Institute Tasmania traverses not just academic boundaries within the university, but engages with the whole Tasmanian community.


25 August | Indonesia Independence Day Lecture

Islam in Indonesia
Associate Professor Pam Allen, School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts, UTAS

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. As enshrined in the nation’s constitution, it is also a secular state.  This presentation is an examination of those two phenomena.

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26 August | Malaysia Update Conference 2016

Malaysia Update Conference 2016: Najib’s Malaysia — A Crisis of Confidence?
College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU & The Asia Institute, UTAS

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9 September | Public Lecture

Zen and the Art of Planetary Crisis
Dr Susan Murphy, Zen Master

The Zen koan, and the planetary crisis staring us all in the face as global temperatures soar:  What can they possibly have in common?

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15 September | Public Lecture

Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy Under Xi Jinping:  Challenges Ahead
Professor Bates Gill, Asia-Pacific Strategic Studies, Australian National University

Xi Jinping is a third of the way through his expected 10-year term as China’s top leader. Taking tough measures against corruption and dissent at home and pursuing an active agenda abroad, Xi has carefully cultivated an image of a confident strongman keen to deliver on his promised “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”  But while it can claim some successes, Xi Jinping’s leadership has raised even more questions and uncertainties both within China and amongst China’s neighbours.

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20 September | Public Lecture

Identifying the Elephant in the Room:  Thailand and the ASEAN region - why they’re important for Tasmania
Ms Octavia Borthwick, Australia’s Deputy Head of Mission to Thailand

The story of the old blind men grasping at different parts of an elephant and describing it as different things because they couldn’t get the full picture is an interesting allegory. Perhaps none more pertinent than the perceptions of what Thailand and the ASEAN region mean for the future of advanced manufacturing and other sectors – food, tourism, e-commerce - in Australia.

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20 September | Public Lecture

Food Safety Legislation in Malaysia: Implications for ASEAN
Associate Professor Evelyn Devadason, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya

How regulated is the food sector in Malaysia relative to the other ASEAN member economies? Do standards and regulations in Malaysia affect food imports from ASEAN? What are the implications for the harmonization of standards and regulations on food trade in the ASEAN region? What types of regulations and food products need careful attention?

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24 September | Event

TUU, University of Tasmania

Fiesta International is an annual event that celebrates the diversity and multiculturalism of our international community in Tasmania. This unique annual celebration is loved by people from all walks of life. A variety of performances from multicultural talents combined with a range of traditional food from around the world are sure to make this night a great one to remember!

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The Asia Institute Tasmania is interested in Asia-related expertise and connections within the university and beyond.

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