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We are truly delighted to present this first Review of the Asia Institute Tasmania (AIT).  Given that the Institute was launched so recently (May 2014), the large number of events and activities detailed here is surprising, and it has been very satisfying to see the extent to which these opportunities have been embraced by the Tasmanian community.

Highlights of the year and a half since our beginning include networking events, book launches, even a CD launch, public forums, seminars, workshops, school gatherings and several public lectures – 25 in fact. These are listed in the Review where you will see the variety of topics ranged from business etiquette in Japan and China to gender equality and economic growth in Asia, as well as a good look at culture and the arts.

We are immensely pleased with the extent of the Institute's involvement with Tasmanian schools, enhancing student's awareness and understanding of Asian society, culture, language and politics, and proud of the accomplishments of the students and teachers from Kindergarten to year 12. Their enthusiasm for learning about Asia is gratifying and underscores why we must develop further programs and opportunities for them into the future.

Thank you

We have enjoyed the support of a number of organisations which have acted as co-hosts for several of our events. We would particularly like to thank:

*    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

*    Australia China Business Council (Tasmania)

*    Australian Institute of International Affairs (Tasmania)

*    Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We are especially grateful for the continuing support of the State Government, in particular, the Department of State Growth towards the work of the Asia Institute Tasmania. 

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Professor James Chin

Director |  2016