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Book Launch | Mapping Chinese Rangoon


Mapping Chinese Ragoon | Dr Jayde Lin Roberts

Start Date

4th Aug 2016 5:30pm

End Date

4th Aug 2016 6:30pm

Book coverMapping Chinese Rangoon
Place and Nation among the Sino-Burmese
Dr Jayde Lin Roberts

Mapping Chinese Rangoon is both an intimate exploration of the Sino-Burmese, people of Chinese descent who identify with and choose to remain in Burma/Myanmar, and an illumination of twenty-first-century Burma during its emergence from decades of military-imposed isolation. This spatial ethnography examines how the Sino-Burmese have lived in between states, cognizant of the insecurity in their unclear political status but aware of the social and economic possibilities in this gray zone between two oppressive regimes.

Launched by
Dr Andrew Selth

JaydeThe book was launched by Dr Andrew Selth, Adjunct Associate Professor in the Griffith Asia Institute at Griffith University, Brisbane, and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at ANU. He holds a PhD in Asian studies from Griffith University, and degrees in history and international relations from ANU. Dr Selth has been studying international security issues and Asian affairs for over 40 years, as a professional diplomat, strategic intelligence analyst and research scholar.

This event was presented by the Institute for the Study of Social Change and the Asia Institute Tasmania.

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