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Public Lecture | Buddhist Philosophy: Resilience, Equanimity and Mindfulness


Dr Sonam Thakchoe, University of Tasmania

Start Date

27th Apr 2016 5:30pm

End Date

27th Apr 2016 7:00pm

Buddhist Philosophy: Resilience, Equanimity and Mindfulness

Life, as we know it, swings like a pendulum between rise and fall, success and failure, gain and loss, honour and contempt, praise and blame, happiness and sorrow, delight and despair, satisfaction and disappointment, hope and fear. These mighty existential forces toss us up and down making it hard for us to sustain a foothold for respite. Can we expect to gain footing on the crest of these existential waves? Building a fortress or a safe-haven amidst this ever-restless ocean of existence may only be an illusion. But Buddhism claims that there is something, which we can do about it. It suggests our "resilience" as a means to making our life more meaningful. But there is a heavy price tag we need to pay. We need to cultivate and sustain two important cognitive skills: equanimity and mindfulness for which we are asked to undertake rigorous self-interrogative exercises. In this talk Dr Sonam Thakchoe will seek to explore Buddhist philosophy of mindfulness and equanimity and discuss how reflective and self-interrogative meditative strategies are applied as means by which we cultivate these two cognitive skills. He will argue that it is from these two cognitive skills takes birth our resilience which enables us inner strength and courage to confidently face life's vicissitudes and successfully overcome the challenges however insurmountable they may first appear, and thus it empowers us to lead a meaningful life.

Dr Thakchoe is a Senior Philosophy Lecturer at University of Tasmania. He teaches Asian philosophy, coordinates the Asian Philosophy Program and directs the Tasmanian Buddhist Studies in India Exchange Program. His research specialisation is in Indo-Tibetan philosophy, with a particular focus on the Madhyamaka ontology, epistemology and ethics. He has made substantial contributions to the field of Indo-Tibetan philosophical research with 4 books and 20 referred articles in leading publications.

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Sonam Takshoe LectureLaunceston lecture presentation by Dr Sonam Thakchoe