Asia Institute Tasmania

Public Lecture | 'Dancing with the Dragon: Doing Business with China' - Understanding Cultural Nuances


Dr Mona Chung, ‎China business expert and Cross Cultural Consultant

Start Date

31st May 2016 5:30pm

End Date

31st May 2016 7:00pm

Since 2007, China has become Australia's largest trading partner.  The signing of ChaFTA on December the 20th 2014 has laid the foundation for even more trade and investment opportunities with China especially in agriculture and food.  However doing business with China is not an easy task, for China is a unique market and its business culture is distinctly different from the rest of the world.  This lecture will address the fundamental challenges of doing business with Chinese – the cultural difference and its impact.  It will focus on the essential elements of negotiation and communication with Chinese.  It will provide insight into:

  • Recent developments relevant to the expansion of China as an emerging superpower within the global economy.
  • Contemporary business cases across different sectors, highlighting commonalities and differences in how various businesses approach working with Chinese markets and consumers.
  • Overcoming misunderstandings with China in business dealings.
  • The new world with China as the dragon dancing in the centre of the stage with rotating dancing partners

Dr Mona Chung is a bi-cultural expert in cross-cultural negotiations whose work addresses the cultural gaps between Westerners and Chinese in the fields of commerce and education. She has extensive experience in Western-Chinese business relationships, specialising in negotiation, communication, strategic planning, management and marketing practices on behalf of international organisations (commercial and educational).

This event is supported by The Australia China Business Council and The Asia Institute Tasmania.

When         Tuesday 31 May 2016, 5.30 pm
Where        Harvard Room 1, Centenary Building, University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay Campus

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