Asia Institute Tasmania

Public Lecture | Gish Jen's Attitude of Anti-Essentialism


Ms Jing Zhang, Changzhou University, China

Start Date

21st Nov 2017 5:15pm

Cultural Translation and Construction of Cultural Identity - An Interpretation of Gish Jen’s Attitude of Anti-Essentialism

In the context of globalization, the issue of cultural identity has aroused increasing attention. Cultural Translation, a special kind of translation hidden in writing, is considered as an important way of cultural decolonization and an effective means of constructing cultural identity for Chinese American writers.

Through the Identity Construction theory, Americans are encouraged to tolerate cultural differences with an open attitude and embrace the changes caused by exotic culture in a forgiving manner, so that both cultural identities would become enriched. Postcolonial translation theory has been applied to interpret Gish Jen’s anti-essentialist identity from the angle of constructing new cultural identity, in expectation of treating ethnic cultural identity construction from a wider perspective.

Ms Jing Zhang, from Changzhou University, is currently a visiting scholar at the School of Humanities and the Asia Institute Tasmania.

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