Asia Institute Tasmania

Grants and Awards 2017/2018

Established in a partnership with the State Government of Tasmania in 2014, the Asia Institute Tasmania is located at the University of Tasmania.

The Asia Institute aims to:

  • foster engagement with the Asian region
  • support the development of knowledge about Asia
  • build professional and institutional relationships with Asia
  • utilise expertise in promoting understanding of Asia
  • extend Tasmania’s capacity to operate effectively in the region

The GRANT Scheme

Thanks to the generous support of the Tasmanian government, The Asia Institute Tasmania is very pleased to announce a grant scheme for educators.  These grants are for use during 2018.

Category A       Small                  $500 one off grants available

Category B        Large                 $1000 one off grants available


  • Any individual teacher or school in Tasmania is eligible to apply (successful applicants and schools will be awarded one grant only)

Applicants are invited to submit a brief application which

  • identifies the category of grant
  • demonstrates how the grant will enable a school community or a school class to address at least ONE (or more) of these three activities
  • describes the purpose and aims of the grant clearly
  • has at least ONE outcome from the grant
  • explains what impact the grant will have
  • includes a basic budget
  • has school approval

Applicants can focus on a particular region, culture, cuisine, or language or more broadly engage with themes such as politics, economy, popular culture or compare and contrast regions (note: this is not an exhaustive list).

Grants can be used a wide range of purposes such as

  • purchasing materials
  • professional development/learning for teachers
  • ongoing and existing initiatives
  • special events, performances, exhibitions
  • other

Applications are invited for submission throughout the 2018 year.



Grants are to be fully expended and reported on by 30 November 2018 (where possible)

The Student AWARD Scheme

In recognition of individual student effort, schools are invited to nominate one student from their school community to receive the Asia Institute Asia Award for Students

  • Certificate and DYMOCKS book voucher of $30 presented to nominated student at final 2017 school assembly

Eligibility and Application process

  • Each school in Tasmania is eligible to apply
  • Complete the nomination form for the award from the website
  • One award per school will be available

Applications are due - EXTENDED DEADLINE TO 1 DECEMBER 2017 | 5.00 pm