Asia Institute Tasmania



  • Professor James Chin
    Association of Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN), Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands

Institute Executive Officer

  • Mrs Della Clark

Affiliated Faculty 

  • Professor Ralph Crane
    Postcolonial literature in English, Indian English fiction, Anglo-Indian fiction 
  • Dr Frances Fan
    Internationalisation of higher education, big data analytics for educational purposes, web-based education, Language education, Asian students in Australia. 
  • Dr Keith Harris
    Suicidality, acute care/hospital procedures, online behaviours, psychosocial assessment, help-seeking, social support, the epidemiology of mental health and general health problems, ethics in psychosocial research, media portrayals of mental health factors
  • Dr Mark Harrison
    Asian cultural studies and history, studies of Asian society and history, Taiwan, China
  • Dr Barbara Hartley
    Japan, East Asia, gender, visual studies
  • Dr Yoji Hashimoto
    Japan, Japanese language, identities, language maintenance/shift, gender, migrants
  • Professor Can Seng Ooi
    Cultural tourism, creative economy, art worlds, place branding, intercultural management, business and society relations
  • Dr Fan Liang
    International business, foreign direct investment, cross-institutional and cross-cultural business behaviour and business activities across Australian and China.
  • Dr Jayde Lin Roberts
    Asian cities, Burma/Myanmar, Yangon, Chinese diaspora, built environment, urban studies  
  • Dr Mala Raghavan
    Macroeconomic policies, monetary economics, international economics and building macroeconometric models to study the effects of various domestic and international shocks on small emerging open economies
  • Dr Kaz Ross
    China, political and postcolonial theory, internet culture, food safety, tourism, Asia and cultural literacy
  • Associate Professor Rick Snell
    Law reform, Freedom of Information Act in Asia Pacific countries
  • Dr Katsuhiko Suganuma
    Japanese popular cultures, queer cultures, gender & sexual minorities
  • Dr Taufiq Tanasaldy 
    Indonesian politics, ethnic politics, ethnic conflict, overseas Chinese, border relations, race and ethnicity
  • Dr Nicki Tarulevicz
    Asian history, Singapore, food studies, cultural history, imperialism and nationalism
  • Dr Sonam Thakchoe
    Buddhist philosophy (Mahayana, Theravada, Zen), Chinese philosophy (confucianism and taoism) and Indian philosophy (orthodox and heterodox Schools)  
  • Dr Yan Jun Isabel Wang
    Chinese languages, multiculturalism, intercultural and cross-cultural studies, education, China
  • Professor Rob White
    Youth studies, environmental crime in South-East Asia, innovative justice
  • Dr Tommy Wong
    International strategic issues of hospitality and tourism industry in China,small business management in regional economies, retail management, service quality and the strategic management of brand equity  

Journal of Applied Youth Studies (Asia-Pacific)

  • Academic Editor, CAYR Academic Director
    Rob White (Professor, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania)
  • Editors
    Sheila Allison,
    Sue Headley
  • Editorial Coordinator
    Kate Gross

Research Associates

  • Adjunct Assoc/Prof Pam Allen
    Indonesia, Indonesian language, Indonesian literature, postcolonialism
  • Dr Erika Altmann
    Property, real estate, body corporate, aged care
  • Dr Victoria Eaves-Young
    Japanese soldier diaries, Pacific War, Kokutai, Nationalism, Japanese cinema, Tamura Yoshikazu, Sengoha, war memorialization
  • Emeritus Prof Barbara Hatley
    Indonesian theatre, literature, society, culture, gender issues
  • Dr Sandy Hudd
    Colonial history, Singapore, Asian cultural studies 
  • Dr Nancy Hudson-Rodd
    Myanmar, Muslim communities, Rohingya Muslims  

Visiting Scholars

  • Ms Jing Zhang (Sept 2017 - Mar 2018)
    Lecturer, Changzhou University, China
  • Ms Ning Li (Sept 2017 - Aug 2018)
    Lecturer, Dept of Tourism, Hainan Technician Institute, China
  • Dr Chikako Nihei (Feb - Mar 2016)
    Assistant Professor,  Japanese language and culture, Yamaguchi University, Japan
  • Miss Zhang Lili (Dec 2015 - Feb 2016)
    Lecturer, China Jiliang University, Hangzhou, China
  • Ms Fan Xingxing (Dec 2015 - Feb 2016)
    Lecturer, China Jiliang University, Hangzhou, China
  • Prof Deying Hu (Sept 2015)
    Deputy Dean, School of International Chinese Studies, Yunnan Normal University
  • Prof Yapin Chen (Sept 2015)
    Head of Institute of Cultural Geography and Development of Cultural Identity, Yunnan Normal University