Australian Innovation Research Centre

About Us

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The Australian Innovation Research Centre (AIRC) was established in 2006 as a research centre of the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics. Its purpose is to support the innovation capability of governments, industry, business and the community through our research, community engagement and professional development activities. 

Why is innovation important globally and locally?

Innovation is recognised globally as the most important factor in productivity growth and improvement in living standards.

Why is innovation especially important to Tasmania?

Tasmania is more dependent on innovation as a means of increasing income and wellbeing than many other regions because the small size of most of its sectors prevents them from benefiting from economies of scale.

Why does the University of Tasmania play a leading role in innovation?

The University of Tasmania's mission is to "provide leadership within its community, thereby contributing to the cultural, economic and social development of Tasmania". The University recognises the significance of innovation to the State and is fulfilling part of its leadership mission to the community through the AIRC's commitment to help drive economic and social development in Tasmania (and beyond).

What we do
  • Research on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Engagement with external stakeholders to support public policies and practices to encourage innovation capability and regional economic development
  • Supervision of PhD candidates
  • Professional development activities to disseminate our research
  • Contract research on innovation in areas of policy and academic interest
Our mission

To answer questions on the origins, patterns and impact of innovation and innovation capability with important implications for economic development and social wellbeing.

Our vision

The AIRC's innovation scholarship is influential, has positive economic and social impact and receives recognition in academia, government, industry and the community.

We collaborate with others, both internally and externally, nationally and internationally, to influence public policy and practice through our research, engagement and professional development activities in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our work contributes to improved innovation capability in government, industry, business and the community and empowers citizens to reach their potential in each of these domains.

Our values

The AIRC brings the values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, respect for self and others, trust, fairness and justice to life by our individual and collective commitment to:

  • Creating and serving a shared purpose
  • Nurturing a vital and sustainable community
  • Focusing on opportunity
  • Working from the strength diversity brings
  • Collaborating in ways that help us be the best we can be.