Australian Innovation Research Centre

Innovation in Australian Businesses 2015

New Evidence on the Frequency, Impacts and Costs of Activities to Develop Innovations in Australian Businesses.

In 2014-2015, the AIRC undertook a research project for the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) in collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The study had two goals:

  1. To determine if useful, high quality data could be collected from Australian businesses on the frequency, costs and impacts of their innovative activities. This required developing and cognitively testing new survey questions that managers could answer with a reasonable level of accuracy.
  2. To determine if these new survey questions could provide useful data for both businesses and governments.

A key part of the project involved a pilot survey of 1600 randomly selected Australian businesses. The survey covered all industries except for public administration and safety, education and training, financial asset investing and superannuation.

A summary report outlining key results from the 2015 pilot survey is available here (887KB). The full report featuring all results from the 2015 pilot survey is available here (PDF 1.68MB).