Australian Innovation Research Centre

AIRC's Small Business Baseline Survey

AIRC's Small Business Baseline Survey

The Australian Innovation and Research Centre (AIRC) is conducting a baseline survey of smaller businesses in Tasmania with 5 to 50 full-time equivalent employees. The survey will collect information on two key themes: small business internet usage and the cost of complying with government regulations.

The baseline survey will be conducted over November and December 2011. After receiving an invitation to participate from the AIRC, businesses will be contacted on behalf of the AIRC by Enterprise Marketing and Research Services (EMRS) to conduct a short interview.

AIRC's survey of smaller businesses aims to develop a set of representative baseline data that can assist researchers and policy makers to improve understanding of smaller businesses, and inform the design of better forms of policy support.

For further information please contact Dominique Bowen Butchart on 03 6226 7384 at the Australian Innovation Research Centre, or via email at