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Media 2011

"Giddings Snubs Battler's Aid"

The Mercury, 26 October 2011, p. 9

The Tasmanian Government has tabled Professor David Adams' Cost of Living Strategy.

"Cost Strategy Uncovered"

The Mercury, 25 October 2011, p. 13

The Cost of Living Strategy, prepared by Social Inclusion Commissioner Professor David Adams, is to be released by the State Government. A number of recommendations were made, including the establishment of a basic goods and services emergency relief fund.

"Emergency funds urged for struggling families"

ABC News Online, 25 October 2011

The cost of living strategy prepared by Social Inclusion Commissioner, Professor David Adams, has been tabled in Parliament.

"10 Australian social media influencers in higher education"

by Eliza Anyangwe

Guardian Professional Network , 28 September, 2011

Dr Colin Jones has been nominated as one of the ten most influential users of social media in Australian higher education.

"Dom and Ari"

Arts & Events, Unitas, September 2011, p. 12

Abby MacDonald's portrait of the AIRC's Dominique Bowen Butchart and her daughter is a finalist in the 2011 RACT Insurance Tasmanian Youth Portraiture Prize.

"Profile: Claire Collins"

Upclose, Unitas, September 2011, p. 4

The AIRC's Claire Collins is profiled in the September edition of Unitas.

"Why blogging should be everybody's business"

by Dr Polly McGee

Opinion, Unitas, August 2011 , p. 4

In this article, Dr Polly McGee discusses how blogging can benefit businesses, by increasing their exposure and marketability.

"Good sports save us money"

The Mercury, 29 August 2011, p. 5

This article refers to the launch of the report "The Value of Sport and Physical Recreation to Tasmania", which is based on research conducted by AIRC Research Associate Paul Muller.

"Food Deserts Here"

by Elaine Reeves

The Mercury, Taste, 23 August 2011

Professor David Adams comments on the presence of food deserts in some areas of Tasmania where access to food was difficult and the quality was sometimes low. He also notes the lack of Government responsibility for food insecurity issues in relation to a revamp of the planning act that should include public open spaces becoming available for Community Gardens.


by Matt Smith

The Mercury, 9 August 2011, page 1 & 4

Professor David Adams comments on the growing numbers of Tasmanians suffering cost-of-living pressures.

"A climate of political farce"

by Ian Marsh & Greg Barns

Opinion, The Australian Financial Review, 19 July 2011, p. 63

AIRC Honorary Fellow Ian Marsh and Greg Barns comment on the current debate surrounding the Carbon Tax.  They note that the vociferous debate between the two major political parties seems to be based more on “office-seeking” rather than climate outcomes (for which both parties have nominated the same target, a 5% reduction in emissions by 2020).

"Tough message for community"

by David Adams

The Mercury, 29 June 2011 page 8

David Adams comments on the effect that closing schools will have on the community.

"Measuring Innovation Fully"

by Murdoch Mactaggart

<3m>Ingenious Britain supplement, Sunday Times (London, UK), p. 60 – 61, June 2011

Professor Anthony Arundel was interviewed for Ingenious Britain, and discussed the nature and role of innovation as a driver of economic and social growth.

"Money Pit – Tasmanian Budget"

6:30 Program with George Negus

Channel 10

Professor Jonathan West was interviewed on the state of the economy in Tasmania.

"GM Technology in Tasmanian Agriculture"

ABC Country Hour, ABC Radio 2 June 2011

Professor Anthony Arundel was interviewed for the ABC Country Hour on the topic of the future of GM technology in Tasmanian agriculture.

"Australia’s political malaise runs deep"

by Ian Marsh and Greg Barns

The Financial Review, 21 June

"Put the ‘public’ back into public service to innovate in Tasmania"

by Peter Cochrane

Unitas, June 2011, p. 6

This article discusses Professor David Adams’ presentation for the AIRC Seminar Series titled “Public Sector Innovation: Can it save bureaucrats from the wolves?”  Professor Adams noted that there was a lack of “institutional innovation capacity in Tasmania”, and that “we should be turning to local communities as the source of innovation for change and putting the ‘public’ back into public service.”

"TAS Premier's Foreword"

The New Exchange (Publication of the Australian Innovation Festival), Autumn 2011, p. 103

Two of the AIRC's major projects - the Tasmanian Innovation Census and the Tasmanian Innovation Strategy - have been highlighted by the Premier, Lara Giddings, as examples of how innovation is contributing to Tasmania's economic development.

"Living Costs Pressure"

7.30 Tasmania, ABC, Friday, 27 May 2011

Professor David Adams, the Social Inclusion Commissioner for Tasmania, was interviewed in this report on the rising cost of living.  Professor Adams is preparing a Cost of Living Strategy for the Tasmanian Government.

"Growth at the Source"

by Blair Richards

Sunday Tasmanian,, 22 May 2011, p. 14-15

“The Source food co-op at Sandy Bay is working to educate the community about sustainable living.”  AIRC Research Associate Ben Wills, who was instrumental in the establishment of Source Community Wholefoods, discusses Source and its operation.

"Tasmania's economic future: a powerhouse or a basket case?"

936 ABC Hobart, 27 April 2011

Professor Jonathan West was interviewed on 936 ABC Hobart, along with Dr Bruce Felmingham (economist, IMC-Link) and Dr Phil Pullinger (Director, Tasmanian Environment Centre), on the subject of Tasmania's economic future.

Listen to discussion: 936 ABC Hobart