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Dr Marcelo Stamm

Dr Marcelo Stamm

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Marcelo Stamm

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Dr Marcelo Stamm has been the Head of the UTas School of Philosophy from 2005 until the end of 2008 and joined the AIRC in July 2010 as a Senior Research Fellow. He is a philosopher trained at Munich and Oxford University who works on creativity and the soul and focuses on problems of boundaries, limits, (cognitive) horizons, demarcation lines and how to transgress them. Do humans have souls (as opposed to machines)?  What is the creative human being? How does something new come into the world? At the AIRC he conducts research on the creativity of aggregates of people, the dynamics and figurations of creative interaction, modelling the conditions of creativity of so-called "constellations".

Marcelo Stamm is a philosophical Europeanist with a trans-disciplinary and trans-cultural outlook into the Asia Pacific and brings to the AIRC an extensive international network, holding a Adjunct Professorship at Munich University in Germany and a Research Fellowship at Venice International University.

In 2007 Marcelo Stamm received two large ARC (Australian Research Council) grants in collaboration with partner investigators in Oxford, Germany, New Zealand and the US. In 2009 he established a "Creativity Research Project" now hosted by the AIRC. 

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