Australian Innovation Research Centre

Exports & Innovation Indicators Extension Project

Commencement Date 01 June 2011
Project Status Current

The aim of this project is to obtain current and accurate information on export and innovation activities of Tasmanian firms over time, by industry sector and by region.  This will expand on the knowledge gained from the ‘Exports and Innovation Indicators for Priority Sectors in Tasmania’ project.


The AIRC and the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts (DEDTA) are working collaboratively on this project to develop export and innovation indicators over time, by sector and by region.  This data will be utilised by DEDTA within the Economic Development Plan for Tasmania, and inform key industry representatives of the innovative capacity of their particular sector.

Increasing knowledge regarding the export and innovation activities of Tasmanian firms will assist the Tasmanian Government to understand these economic activities at a regional level, and to improve government policy and decision-making.  It will also enable increased collaboration between industry representatives regarding export and innovation activities in key industry sectors.

Using the Tasmanian Innovation Census (TIC) data resources, the AIRC will assist DEDTA with information regarding business demographics within industry sectors, reported sales by market, types of innovation, as well as other economic indicators.  The 2010 TIC will also provide information for each sector regarding new and innovative processes, and levels of qualifications and training.  Trend analyses will reveal changes in the economic indicators for industry sectors over the period covered by the 2007 and 2010 TIC’s.  These results will also be geo-coded into local government areas/regions.

The results derived from this project will be presented, in a series of workshops, to industry experts prior to the release of the final industry-focused report.  This will ensure that industry stakeholders understand the methodology underlying the results, the limitations of the data, as well as its applicability to their sector.