Australian Innovation Research Centre

Exports & Innovation Indicators for Priority Sectors in Tasmania

Commencement Date 01 October 2010
Project Status Past

This project sought to obtain current and accurate information specifically regarding Sector Indicators for Tasmanian innovation and export activities.  It was undertaken under the ARIC’s Collaboration Agreement with the State Government. 


The Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts (DEDTA) and the AIRC worked collaboratively on this project to determine the appropriate industry sectors to be analysed.  The AIRC then reported to DEDTA data relating to (reported) intrastate, interstate and overseas sales for each of the defined industry sectors.  In addition to this, one key innovation indicator was developed for each industry sector (using measures most appropriate to each individual sector), to assist future analysis of those sectors.

Using its’ Tasmanian Innovation Census data resources, the AIRC was able to analyse the extent of off-island exports contributed by the defined industry sectors.  Further, the AIRC was able to analyse the data relating to types of innovation occurring within industry sectors.

The knowledge arising from this project will provide valuable insights into key sectors contributing to Tasmania’s economic prosperity, innovation, employment, and export activities.  It also provided information regarding the overall economic, social and environmental importance and contribution of these key sectors.  This research will also assist the Tasmanian Government to make informed economic decisions based upon current and accurate information, and contributed to the Government’s Economic Development Plan (EDP), released in mid-2010.

The sectors covered by this research included agriculture, mining, manufacturing, renewable energy, tourism, science and research, Antarctic research, information technology, construction, and forestry.

Research Output

  • O’Brien, K, Arundel, A and Torugsa, A 2011, Exports and Innovation Indicators for Priority Sectors in Tasmania, Report for the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts, Hobart, Tasmania.