Australian Innovation Research Centre

Indicators for the Digital Economy

Commencement Date 01 August 2010
Project Status Past

The aim of this project was to obtain baseline data relating to business internet usage in Tasmania, which would provide a means to measure the impact of the National Broadband Network.


The AIRC worked collaboratively with the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts’ Digital Futures Unit (DFU) to develop a series of questions relating to business internet usage in Tasmania, for inclusion in the 2010 Tasmanian Innovation Census (TIC).

Once the TIC had been completed, the AIRC reported its findings to the DFU.  The report included information such as the number of firms with an internet connection; the type of internet connection; the number of firms with a website; the types of activities websites were used for (eg ordering, sales, advertising); and businesses’ feedback on the quality of their internet connection.

Three indicators were developed to rank businesses on their level of engagement with the internet, and these were used to analyse the TIC data by industry sector, firm size and category, and region.

The data on internet usage arising from the 2010 TIC will assist the DFU to improve baseline data on internet usage for Tasmania; would increase the Government’s ability to measure the impact of the NBN rollout in Tasmania; and would enable the Tasmanian Government to use the NBN to create a sustainable, innovative digital economy.