Australian Innovation Research Centre

Nature of Innovation in the Northern Tasmanian Region

Commencement Date 01 June 2010
Project Status Past

This project, for Northern Tasmania Development, provided an analysis of the local economy, successful businesses, and the dynamics of their innovation characteristics.


The Director of Northern Tasmanian Development requested the AIRC to conduct research into innovation in the Northern Tasmanian Region. This work was conducted utilising data assets from the 2007 Tasmanian Innovation Census (TIC) to present an innovation profile for Northern Tasmania.

This project reported on innovative activity of firms in the Northern Tasmanian region, the types of innovation conducted, investment in innovation and research and development, collaborative activity amongst firms in the region, as well as productivity.

Research Output

  • O’Brien, K 2010, Nature of Innovation in the Northern Tasmanian Region, Report for Northern Tasmania Development, Hobart, Tasmania.