Australian Innovation Research Centre

Management and Service Innovations in Australian and New Zealand Universities

External Collaborators / Partners Professor Leo Goedegebuure, LH Martin Institute, University of Melbourne
Commencement Date 01 April 2015
Project Status Current

This project is a collaborative effort between the LH Martin Institute at the University of Melbourne and AIRC looking at the management and service innovations in universities in Australia and New Zealand.


In 2015 the LH Martin Institute (LHMI) of the University of Melbourne and the Australian Innovation Research Centre (AIRC) of the University of Tasmania signed a cooperation agreement to join forces in areas of mutual interest.

This project is the first area of cooperation between the LHMI and the AIRC. The project involved an extensive survey of managerial and service innovations in 39 Australian and six New Zealand universities. The survey sought to identify the types of innovations occurring within universities, the reasons why universities are innovating, institutional activities supporting or inhibiting innovation, investment and resources for innovation, the use of "best practise" innovation strategies, the outcomes of innovation and the obstacles to innovation.

Preliminary results for the survey were released on 24 June 2016 and are available here (PDF 1,792 KB).

A copy of the presentation provided by Professor Anthony Arundel at the annual Tertiary Education Management conference in Auckland, New Zealand is available here (PDF 3,296KB).

A draft copy of the paper Professor Anthony Arundel will be presenting at the OECD Blue Skies conference in late September is available here (PDF 798KB).

Research Output