Australian Music Examinations Board Tasmania

Enrolment Requirements

Syllabuses for Examination

All work presented in AMEB examinations must be in accordance with the relevant current syllabus. The Manual of Syllabuses for classical music is available from the AMEB State Office (Telephone: +61 3 6226 7317), leading music retailers and from the AMEB's online store.

The Speech Manual of Syllabuses is available from the AMEB State Office (Telephone +61 3 6226 7317) and from the AMEB's online store.

Individual syllabuses for each subject included in the Manual of Syllabuses for classical music, as well as CPM (Drum Kit, Vocal Guitar, Bass and Keyboard), Ensemble Performance and Percussion can be purchased separately as digital downloads from the AMEB's online store:

Completing Enrolment Forms

When completing enrolment forms please ensure that you have:

  • indicated your Preferred Examination Town.   Practical and Written examinations are held in major centres throughout the State (eg Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie) subject to demand.
  • spelt the names (including the middle names) of your candidate/s correctly. Names will appear on the certificate spelt the way they are written on the entry form.
  • included the correct birthdate of your candidate/s. It is by means of the birthdate that we are able to distinguish between candidates with the same name.
  • included the words "old" or "new" in the Subject column if your candidate/s are entering for Trumpet, Trombone or Euphonium (old syllabuses are in the 2016 Manual), or for Oboe or Tuba (old syllabuses are in the 2017 Manual).
  • included the word Recital as well as the Subject (Violin, Flute, Trumpet or Drama and Communication) if your candidate/s are entering for the Recital Exam.
  • ticked the "Yes" or "No" box to indicate whether a candidate's personal details and qualifications may be provided to the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) for recording on the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) where appropriate. This applies to all candidates and will allow relevant AMEB qualifications gained in (or prior to) Years 11/12 to be recorded on and contribute to the points needed to gain the TCE.
  • indicated in the Exam Session column, the session for which each candidate is entering, eg, "J/J" for June/early-July Practical, "Aug" for August Written, "O/N" for October/November Practical, etc.

Two major sessions of practical exams and one session of written exams are available each year.  In 2018 these are:

PracticalClosing DatesWrittenClosing Dates
June/early-JulyFri 13 AprilAugust (21 & 22)Fri 6 July
October/NovemberFriday 6 July

Extra Associate and Grade Piano exams are offered in Hobart in April (closing 9 March) and September (closing 6 July).  Extra Grade Piano exams are offered in Launceston in September (closing 6 July).

LMusA practical exams (closing 11 May) are usually held in September - exact dates depending on the Federal Examiner's itinerary.

  • specified any dates on which your candidate/s are unavailable for practical exams due to TCE or Tertiary exams, school camps, religious observances, eisteddfods, accompanists, etc. AMEB grade exams may be scheduled on any day, including Saturday and Sunday, but excluding school holidays.
  • For CPM assessments, indicated on the form the equipment needed at the assessment centre.

The completed form, together with the fees via credit card, cheque/money order (one per entry form made payable to "AMEB") should reach the State Manager, AMEB, Private Bag 63, Hobart 7001 by the relevant closing date.  Entry forms may be posted, faxed or scanned and emailed to:

Late Entries

Entries received within 10 days after the closing date may be accepted if accompanied by the late fee of $25.00 per candidate per subject.

Exam Notices

Notices will be sent out as early as possible, but not less than 2 weeks before the date of the exam. Candidates must bring these notices to the exam venue.

Transfers of Practical Exams

When a candidate is unable to sit at the appointed date/time on medical grounds or due to other exceptional causes, it may be possible to allocate another date/time at the same or an alternative Centre. This is subject to acceptable substantiation and payment of a transfer fee of 50% of the entry fee.

Certificates & Additional Requirements

Certificates for the April and June/early-July exams will be issued in August; certificates for the remaining exam sessions will be issued in October and December. Any request for re-issue of a certificate should be accompanied by a re-issue fee of $30.00. From Sixth Grade Practical to Diploma level, it is necessary to have completed the appropriate level of Theory, Musicianship or Music Craft before a certificate may be issued. This does not apply to Leisure Series exams.  See Reg. 19, Additional and Prerequisite Requirements in the 2018 Music Manual.