Australian Music Examinations Board Tasmania

Exam Sessions/Enrolment Dates

Written Exams 2017

Please note that Music Craft Preliminary to Grade 4 exams are now only offered at AMEB Online Exams.

Theoretical Exam SessionClosing Date for Entries

The May session has been discontinued due to the popularity of
our Online Written exams - visit


Music Craft:  Tues  22  August (Grades 5 & 6 Aural);
Wed 23 August (Grades 5 & 6 Written)

Musicianship: Tues 22 August (Aural) and Wed 23 August (Written)

Theory of Music: Wed 23 August

Speech & Performance Theory: Wed 23 August

NB: For times and details, see 2017 Manual of Syllabuses

7 July

Practical Exams 2017

Practical Exam SessionsClosing Date for Entries
Series 1:Hobart 
 April (Associate Diplomas – all Instruments)10 March
 9 April (Grade Piano only)10 March
Series 2:Statewide 
 June/early-July (All Grades and Associate Diplomas - All Instruments)13 April
Series 3:Hobart and Launceston 
 Hobart:  Federal Exams 
 LMusA, LTMusA (Sept - Dates subject to Federal Itinerary)12 May
 Hobart:  September (Associate Diplomas – all instruments)7 July
 Hobart and Launceston:  17 September (Grade Piano only)7 July
Series 4:Statewide 
 October/November (all Grades and Associate Diplomas - All Instruments)7 July
 June/early-July13 April
 November7 July

NB: Extra sessions for piano exams at grade level will be held in Hobart on Sunday 9 April and in Hobart and Launceston on Sunday 17 September 2017.
Candidates from all areas are welcome to sit for their exam in Hobart.