Australian Music Examinations Board Tasmania

Exam Sessions/Enrolment Dates

Written Exams 2014

Please note that Music Craft Preliminary to Grade 4 exams are now only offered at AMEB Online Exams.

Theoretical Exam Session Closing Date for Entries

The May session has been discontinued due to the popularity of
our Online Written exams - visit


Music Craft:  Tues  19  August (Grades 5 & 6 Aural);
Wed 20 August (Grades 5 & 6 Written)
Musicianship: Tues 19 August (Aural) and Wed 20 August (Written)

Theory of Music: Wed 20 August
Speech & Performance Theory: Wed 20 August

NB: For times and details, see 2014 Manual of Syllabuses

4 July

Practical Exams 2014

Practical Exam Sessions Closing Date for Entries
Series 1: Hobart  
  April (Associate Diplomas – all Instruments) 14 March
  13 April (Grade Piano only) 14 March
Series 2: Statewide  
  June/Early-July (All Grades and Associate Diplomas - All Instruments 17 April
Series 3: Hobart and Launceston  
  Hobart:  Federal Exams  
  LMusA, LTMusA, FMusA (Sept - Dates subject to Federal Itinerary) 16 May
  Hobart:  September (Associate Diplomas – all instruments) 4 July
  Hobart and Launceston:  21 September (Grade Piano only) 4 July
Series 4: Statewide  
  October/November (all Grades and Associate Diplomas - All Instruments) 4 July
CPM: Statewide  
  June/Early-July 17 April
  November 4 July

NB: Extra sessions for piano exams at grade level will be held in Hobart on Sunday 13 April and in Hobart and Launceston on Sunday 21 September 2014.
Candidates from all areas are welcome to sit for their exam in Hobart.